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Mobile Plant & Equipment Auction - NSW Pick Up

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5017292
Coates Hire Pickup Only NSW 

2h 18m

10/02/2016 6.00 PM AEDT


Unreserved Timber Entrance and Feature Doors

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3130302
 Pickup Only VIC 

5h 3m

10/02/2016 8.45 PM AEDT


Packs of Timber Flooring and Decking

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3130334
 Pickup Only VIC 

1d 4h 43m

11/02/2016 8.25 PM AEDT


Unreserved Boxes of Dulux Spray Paint

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3130314
 Pickup Only VIC 

1d 5h 8m

11/02/2016 8.50 PM AEDT


Unreserved Wood Laminate Flooring

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3130330
 Pickup Only VIC 

1d 5h 33m

11/02/2016 9.15 PM AEDT


Unreserved Premium Artificial Turf/Grass

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7122093
 Pickup Only QLD 

3d 5h 18m

13/02/2016 9.00 PM AEDT


Vic Multi Engineering, Manufacturing & Equipment Sale

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3012405
Various Vendors Pickup Only VIC 

6d 0h 53m

16/02/2016 4.35 PM AEDT


Engineering and Manufacturing Multi Vendor Auction - NSW

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5017311
 Pickup Only NSW 

7d 0h 48m

17/02/2016 4.30 PM AEDT


Vic Council Plant & Equipment Auction

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3012371
Various Vendors Pickup Only Various Locations 

7d 0h 48m

17/02/2016 4.30 PM AEDT


Unreserved Closing of Premises Site Clearance

Online Pickup | Sale No: 9004118
Various Vendors Pickup Only WA 

8d 5h 18m

18/02/2016 9.00 PM AEDT

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