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Unreserved Roses and Magnolias

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5010911
The Vendor Pickup Only Kellyville, NSW 

1h 25m 38s

03/09/2014 4.00 PM AEST


Unreserved Construction & Lifting Gear, Welding, Wire Rope & Handling Equip, Hand Tools, Workwear

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5011294
The Mortgagee In Possession & Major Distributor Pickup Only Chipping Norton, NSW 

3h 55m

03/09/2014 6.30 PM AEST


Unreserved Rolls of Artificial Turf

Online Pickup | Sale No: 9002217
 Pickup Only Welshpool, WA 

5h 30m

03/09/2014 8.05 PM AEST


New Unreserved Lawn Mowers, Chainsaws and Blowers

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3125858
 Pickup Only Cheltenham, VIC 

6h 0m

03/09/2014 8.35 PM AEST


New Decorative Screens - VIC Pick Up

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3125856
 Pickup Only Cheltenham, VIC 

1d 5h 40m

04/09/2014 8.15 PM AEST


Unreserved Auto & Mechanical Tools & Accessories, Work Wear

Online Delivery | Sale No: 5011186
The Mortgagee In Possession & A Major Distributor Australia Wide Delivery 

1d 5h 55m

04/09/2014 8.30 PM AEST


Hardwood Decorative & Privacy Screens - Vic Pickup

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3125867
 Pickup Only Cheltenham, VIC 

1d 6h 0m

04/09/2014 8.35 PM AEST


Moroccan Privacy/Decorative Screen - National Delivery

Online Delivery | Sale No: 3125866
 Australia Wide Delivery 

1d 6h 0m

04/09/2014 8.35 PM AEST


Unreserved Solar Garden & Deck Lighting

Online Delivery | Sale No: 7119160
 Australia Wide Delivery 

1d 6h 0m

04/09/2014 8.35 PM AEST


Wireless GPS/Dashcam/Reversing Kit, Projector, LED Light, Android Rugged Phone, Mobile Watch Phone

Online Delivery | Sale No: 3125852
A Leading Distributor Australia Wide Delivery 

1d 6h 10m

04/09/2014 8.45 PM AEST


Unreserved Fishing & Camping Gear

Online Delivery | Sale No: 5011141
The Mortgagee In Possession & A Major Distributor Australia Wide Delivery 

4d 5h 55m

07/09/2014 8.30 PM AEST


2006 Hino Truck With Travel Tower

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3007372
Coates Hire Pickup Only Dandenong South, VIC 

7d 1h 55m

10/09/2014 4.30 PM AEST


Unreserved Galvanised Fencing Panels, Gates, Crushes & Loading Ramps

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5008869
Steelsave Pty Ltd Pickup Only Tamworth, NSW 

13d 0h 55m

16/09/2014 3.30 PM AEST


Vic Council Transport, Mobile Plant and Equipment

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3007262
Various Land Councils Pickup Only Various Locations 

13d 1h 25m

16/09/2014 4.00 PM AEST