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Hand Tool Stock Clearance - Shovels, Measuring Tapes & More

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009808
The Vendor Pickup Only Castle Hill, NSW 

0h 4m 19s

24/04/2014 4.00 PM AEST


UNRESERVED Labec Refrigerated Incubator, Model IC18

Online Pickup | Sale No: 9001878
 Pickup Only Welshpool, WA 

4h 4m

24/04/2014 8.00 PM AEST


Protection Clothing, Electrical Handling & Rigging Hardware

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3124106
 Pickup Only Cheltenham, VIC 

4h 39m

24/04/2014 8.35 PM AEST


Home Renovator Clearance Sale - Vic Pick Up

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3124115
 Pickup Only Cheltenham, VIC 

4h 54m

24/04/2014 8.50 PM AEST


Car Parts Accesssories, Road Signs and Assorted Equipment

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3005556
The Vendor Pickup Only Sandringham, VIC 

1d 4h 14m

25/04/2014 8.10 PM AEST


Homewares & Gadgets - Unreserved Clearance Sale

Online Delivery | Sale No: 3124123
 Australia Wide Delivery 

3d 4h 44m

27/04/2014 8.40 PM AEST


Unreserved Vehicles, Bikes, Workshop Equip & More

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009846
The Vendor Pickup Only Rossmore, NSW 

4d 0h 4m

28/04/2014 4.00 PM AEST


Engineering Workshop Clearance

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3005557
Pacific National Rail Pickup Only West Melbourne, VIC 

5d 0h 4m

29/04/2014 4.00 PM AEST


Shipping Container, Phone System, Ladders and More

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7004744
Ms Brittany Lincoln & Mr Craig Shepard of KordaMentha Pickup Only Hamilton, QLD 

5d 3h 34m

29/04/2014 7.30 PM AEST


Modern Radiant Heaters & Various Towel Racks

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3004474
Graeme Robert Beattie and David Ian Mansfield from Moore Stephens Sydney West Pickup Only Sandringham, VIC 

5d 4h 4m

29/04/2014 8.00 PM AEST


Unreserved Electric Motors Sellout

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3005554
FCR Motion Technology Pickup Only Laverton North, VIC 

5d 4h 4m

29/04/2014 8.00 PM AEST


Haulotte 45' Diesel Straight Boom and Scissor Lifts

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3005625
The Vendor Pickup Only Bayswater, VIC 

5d 4h 9m

29/04/2014 8.05 PM AEST


Engineering, Woodworking & Plastics Equipment Auction

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009704
Cumberland Plastics Pty Ltd Pickup Only Liverpool, NSW 

6d 0h 4m

30/04/2014 4.00 PM AEST


Kobelco Crawler Crane

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009852
 Pickup Only Oberon, NSW 

6d 0h 4m

30/04/2014 4.00 PM AEST


Spray Booth, Air Compressor & Various Furniture Items

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009810
 Pickup Only Caringbah, NSW 

6d 0h 4m

30/04/2014 4.00 PM AEST


Unreserved Engineering Shop Relocation Sale

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009556
The Vendor Pickup Only Ingleburn, NSW 

12d 0h 4m

06/05/2014 4.00 PM AEST


PRC Model STS3000 Profile Laser Cutting System - Gladstone

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7004742
Major Finance Company Pickup Only Gladstone, QLD 

12d 1h 4m

06/05/2014 5.00 PM AEST


Injection Moulding, Guillotine, Tooling, Grinding & Milling Machines

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009695
The Vendor Pickup Only Smithfield, NSW 

13d 0h 4m

07/05/2014 4.00 PM AEST


50T Grain Silos and Processing Plant

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3005552
Harwood Grains Pty Ltd Pickup Only Ballarat, VIC 

13d 0h 19m

07/05/2014 4.15 PM AEST


33.5m x 25m Shed Expression of Interest

Assets For Sale | Sale No: 3005394
The Vendor Pickup Only Drouin, VIC 

15d 1h 4m

09/05/2014 5.00 PM AEST


Engineering & Electric Motor Manufacturing Equipment

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009720
The Vendor Pickup Only Smithfield, NSW 

15d 1h 4m

09/05/2014 5.00 PM AEST


Unreserved - Complete Plant Closure, Processing & Packaging Equipment

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5009786
Superior Food Services Pickup Only Winston Hills, NSW 

19d 0h 34m

13/05/2014 4.30 PM AEST


Sale by Tender - Overburden Conveyor System

Online Pickup | Sale No: 8001148
A Major Mining Contractor Pickup Only Burton, SA 

56d 0h 4m

19/06/2014 4.00 PM AEST