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Grays Machinery Market Place

Mobile Plant & Equipment Auction - NSW Pick Up

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5014130
Coates Hire Pickup Only NSW 

12h 4m

05/08/2015 6.00 PM AEST


Mobile Mining Equipment - Located Indonesia - Preliminary Notice

Assets For Sale | Sale No: 3008377
Major Mining Contractor Pickup Only Various Locations 

2d 11h 4m

07/08/2015 5.00 PM AEST


Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane LHM 1200

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5015125
The Vendor Pickup Only NSW 

6d 10h 4m

11/08/2015 4.00 PM AEST


Unreserved Civil Construction Equipment

Online Pickup | Sale No: 8001921
Tim Mableson and David Kidman of Ferrier Hodgson Pickup Only SA 

6d 10h 34m

11/08/2015 4.30 PM AEST


Mining Contractor – Trucks, Tractor and Spare Parts

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5015318
 Pickup Only NSW 

6d 11h 4m

11/08/2015 5.00 PM AEST


UNRESERVED Tractors, Trailers, Loader & Salvage Yard Assets

Online Pickup | Sale No: 8001920
The Vendor Pickup Only SA 

6d 11h 34m

11/08/2015 5.30 PM AEST


Motor Graders, Earthmoving Attachments and Unreserved Items

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7008503
The Vendor Pickup Only QLD 

6d 12h 4m

11/08/2015 6.00 PM AEST


Commercial Vehicle Hire Fleet - Hamilton QLD

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7008587
A Major Financier Pickup Only QLD 

6d 13h 4m

11/08/2015 7.00 PM AEST


Commercial Vehicle Hire Fleet - Perth, Adelaide, Darwin

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7008589
A Major Financier Pickup Only Various Locations 

6d 13h 4m

11/08/2015 7.00 PM AEST


Commercial Vehicle Hire Fleet - Sydney NSW

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7008588
A Major Financier Pickup Only NSW 

6d 13h 34m

11/08/2015 7.30 PM AEST


Dozers, Earthmoving and Construction Sale

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5015151
 Pickup Only NSW 

7d 10h 4m

12/08/2015 4.00 PM AEST


Major Drilling Contractor – Expression of Interest

Assets For Sale | Sale No: 5014880
Messrs. Vaughan Strawbridge & Neil Cussen of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Pickup Only NSW 

12d 10h 34m

17/08/2015 4.30 PM AEST


Prime Movers, Low Loaders, Rig Trucks, Trailers & Franna

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7008505
A Major Bank Pickup Only QLD 

14d 9h 4m

19/08/2015 3.00 PM AEST


Prime Movers, 4x8 Low Loader, Extendable Trailers, Dolly

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7008506
A Major Bank Pickup Only NT 

14d 10h 4m

19/08/2015 4.00 PM AEST


Prime Movers, Low loaders, Trailers, Dollys, Service Truck

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7008513
A Major Bank Pickup Only WA 

14d 11h 4m

19/08/2015 5.00 PM AEST


Farm & Agri Equipment Clearance Auction - Multi Vendor

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3012029
Various Locations Pickup Only VIC 

22d 14h 4m

27/08/2015 8.00 PM AEST


600,000 TPA Gold Processing Plant - Built 2005

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3006372
Unity Mining Ltd Pickup Only VIC 

89d 11h 4m

02/11/2015 5.00 PM AEDT


Grays Machinery Market Place

Assets For Sale | Sale No: 7006549
 Pickup Only Various Locations 

135d 11h 4m

18/12/2015 5.00 PM AEDT


Mobile Mining Equipment

Assets For Sale | Sale No: 3011971
Major Mining Contractor Pickup Only Various Locations 

141d 11h 4m

24/12/2015 5.00 PM AEDT

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