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Soilmec CM35 Piling Rig

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3007898
The Vendor Pickup Only Dandenong South, VIC 

0h 15m 52s

21/10/2014 8.00 PM AEDT


Vic / Tas Transport, Mobile Plant, Earthmoving & Equipment

Online Pickup | Sale No: 3007858
Financiers, Insolvency Practitioners, Corporate Vendors, SMB and other vendors Pickup Only Various Locations 

20h 20m

22/10/2014 4.05 PM AEDT


Multi Vendor Transport & Earthmoving & AgTrader

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5011587
Various Vendors Pickup Only Various Locations 

20h 45m

22/10/2014 4.30 PM AEDT


SA/NT Multi Vendor Transport, Earthmoving, Ag & Mobile Plant

Online Pickup | Sale No: 8001457
Various Transport, Earthmoving, Construction, Owner Operator & Hire Businesses Pickup Only Various Locations, SA 

21h 15m

22/10/2014 5.00 PM AEDT


Forklifts, 45KVA Gen Set, Scissor Lift & Construction Assets

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7006124
The Vendor Pickup Only Coopers Plains, QLD 

21h 45m

22/10/2014 5.30 PM AEDT


North QLD Multi Vendor Transport & Earthmoving

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7006048
Various Vendors Pickup Only Various Locations 

22h 15m

22/10/2014 6.00 PM AEDT


Mobile Plant & Equipment Auction - NSW Pick Up

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5011560
Coates Hire Pickup Only Various Locations, NSW 

22h 15m

22/10/2014 6.00 PM AEDT


QLD Multi Vendor Transport, Earthmoving & Agriculture

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7006047
Various Vendors Pickup Only Various Locations 

22h 45m

22/10/2014 6.30 PM AEDT


Multi Vendor Earthmoving and Mobile Plant - WA Pickup

Online Pickup | Sale No: 9002313
 Pickup Only Various, WA 

1d 1h 15m

22/10/2014 9.00 PM AEDT


Formwork / Construction Power Tools

Online Pickup | Sale No: 5011792
The Vendor Pickup Only Mt Druitt, NSW 

2d 20h 30m

24/10/2014 4.15 PM AEDT


Large Quantity of Conveyour Belt

Online Pickup | Sale No: 7006135
 Pickup Only Muirlea, QLD 

2d 21h 15m

24/10/2014 5.00 PM AEDT


Grays Machinery Market Place

Assets For Sale | Sale No: 7005874
 Pickup Only Various Locations 

70d 21h 15m

31/12/2014 5.00 PM AEDT