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Basic Solar System Information

Is my roof suitable for solar panel installation?

Installation requires a structurally sound roof, and the installation cost can be impacted by a number of factors such as:

  • Height: Standard Installation applies to single storey buildings only, installations on 2 storey or high roof
  • Roof materials: tile (concrete or terracotta ) and tin (colourbond) are considered Standard. Any other roof

Other Considerations for Tin: The number of battens or purlins will affect how many rows of panels can be installed on each section of roof

  • Shade: there must be a suitable unshaded location.
  • Area, orientation and shape: A Standard Installation excludes splitting of the array. This means all panels must be able to be installed

- on one continuous roof area (excluding a 10% margin on all sides);

- facing in the same orientation;

- on the same pitch angle

  • Wind rating: Standard Installations apply to locations within wind region A only.

Falling outside these conditions simply means there may be some Extra Charges that apply to You or that you may require more technologically advanced equipment. See Standard Inclusions and Exclusions for more information and additional requirements that may be relevant to You. [TOP]

GST Note: GST is included in the price of this item. GST is included in the freight.

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