Heiight Safety, Rigging, Lifting, Load Restraint, Workwear

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Heiight Safety, Rigging, Lifting, Load Restraint, Workwear
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Important Sale Information

Important Sale Information

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This Sale is GST Exclusive

The information below forms part of the Sale terms. Please read prior to bidding.

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Load Restraints

Load Restraints
  • Winch Pulley Blocks
  • Ratchet Tie Down Assembly, L/C 2500kg x 9M c/w Hook & Keeper
  • Tie Down Assembly, Ratchet Type, L/C 750kg, 25mm x 6M, c/w Hook & Keeper
  • Tie Down Assemblies, Ratchet Type, L/C 450kg, 25mm x 4Mtrs c/w PVC Coated "S" Hook Each End & Protective Sleeving
  • Ratchet Tie Down Assembly, L/C 1500kg, 5M x 50mm c/w Flat Hook Each End
  • TITAN Tie Down Assembly, Ratchet Type, L/C 600kg, 25mm x 6M, c/w J Hook
  • Double Sheave Pulley Block
  • BIG HAUL Hand Lever Wire Rope Creeper Winch
  • SUPERLIFT WLL 250kg Sheave Block
  • Load Chain Kit, L/C 2300kg, 6mm Chain x 9M c/w Grab Hooks
  • Load Chain Kit L/C 3000kg, 7mm Chain x 6M c/w Grab Hooks
  • Load Chain Kit L/C 3800kg, 8mm Chain x 9M c/w Grab Hooks.
  • BEAVER Lever Block 500kg x 1.5M, Freewheeling Type, Model 3G
  • TITAN Universal Plate Lifting Clamp

Height Safety Products & Descender Units

Height Safety Products & Descender Units
  • B-SAFE Roofers Kit
  • B-SAFE 3M Rope Restraint Line c/w Snap Hook On One End & Scaffold Hook On The Other End
  • B-SAFE Tear Web Shock Absorbing Lanyard 1.25M c/w Plastic Coated Wire Rope & Double Locking Snap Hook On Each End
  • B-SAFE BH01120 Full Body Harness c/w 2Mtr Shock Absorbing Tear Web Lanyard Front Rescue/Recovery Loops, Adjustable Shoulder & Leg Straps
  • B-SAFE BH01120 Full Body Harness c/w 2Mtr Shock Absorbing Tear Web Lanyard Front Rescue/Recovery Loops, Adjustable Shoulder & Leg Straps
  • SPANSET Full Body Safety Harness c/w Front Fall Arrest Loops & Rear Fall Arrest D Ring Attachments, Fully Adjustable Shoulder & Leg Straps.
  • B-SAFE Rope Safety Line, 15M x 11mm Kermantle, Fitted With Locking Snap Hook One End, Karabiner & Rope Grab.
  • SPANSET 1.8M Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Double Action Hooks
  • Rope Safety Line, 30M x 11mm Kermantle Rope c/w Double Action Safety Hook & Rope Grab
  • Access Shock Absorbing Lanyard, 2M c/w Scaffold Hooks
  • B-SAFE Tear Web Shock Absorbing Wire Rope Lanyard 1.8M c/w Plastic Coated Wire Rope & Double Locking Snap Hook On  Each End\
  • SPANSET 1.8M Shock Absorbing Lanyard c/w Scaffold Hooks & Double Action Safety Hook
  • B-SAFE Polyester Webbing Attachment Straps, 25mm x 2M, WLL 2,200kg
  • B-SAFE Elasticated Twin Access Shock Absorbing Lanyard c/w Snap Hooks One End & Triple Action Karabiner On Legs, Effective Length 1.5M
  • B-Safe Shock Absorbing 2M Tear Webb Lanyard c/w Double Action Self Locking Snap Hook Each End.
  • Canvas Type Utility Bags
  • ISC Rocker Rope Grab
  • DURAFORM Cable Grab
  • PEWAG Clevis Pear Link 10mm, Grade 100
  • B-SAFE Anchor Bolt Tops

Lifting Chain Slings & Fitting

Lifting Chain Slings & Fitting
  • Lifting Chain Sling, 4Leg, WLL 3500kg, 8mm Chain x 3.3M c/w Clevis Sling Hooks With Safety Latch & Shortening Grab Hooks
  • Lifting Chain Sling, 2Leg, WLL 5500kg, 10mm Chain x 2M c/w  Clevis Self Locking Hooks & Shorteners
  • Lifting Chain Sling, 2Leg, WLL 3500kg, 8mm Chain x 3M c/w Shorteners & Clevis Self Locking Hooks
  • WEISSENFELS Clevis Sling Hook With Cast Safety Latch
  • WEISSENFELS Clevis Self Locking Sling Hooks
  • SLR Clevis Grab Hooks

Webb Lifting Slings

Webb Lifting Slings
  • Flat Webb Lifting Slings, WLL 1T To 10T, Lengths 1M To 10M c/w Test Cert
  • Round Lifting Sling, WLL 1T To 10T, Lengths 1M To 10M c/w Test Cert
  • Endless Flat Webbing Lifting Slings, Single Ply , 2000kg x 2M c/w Test Cert

Rigging & Lifting

Rigging & Lifting
  • Bow Shackles, WLL 0.75T, 1T, 1.5T, 2T, 4.7T, 6.5T & 12T, Screw Pin.
  • Dee Shackles, WLL 0.25T, Screw Pin
  • Commercial Dee & Bow Shackles
  • Stainless Steel Rigging Screws
  • Recessed Floor Ring Lashing Points
  • Dee Shackles 10mm, WLL 250kg, Grade M
  • Eye Shortening Grab Hooks
  • BEAVER Clevis Choker Hooks 10mm, WLL 3.2T, Grade 80
  • PEWAG Lifting Points, WLL 2000KG Rotating Body, Grade 100
  • YOKE Screw Gate Karabiner, 23KN c/w Captive Pin, 50mm Opening
  • WEISSENFELS Clevis Sling Hook With Cast Safety Latch 13mm, Grade 80
  • WEISSENFELS Self Locking Clevis Sling Hooks
  • Assorted Fitting Comprising; Turnbuckles,  Load Chokers, Quick Links, Snap Hook,  Rigging Screws, Eye Bolts, etc…

Quality Workwear

Quality Workwear
  • FRONTIER Hi-Vis Safety Day Vests
  • WORKSENSE Combination Overalls
  • WORKSENSE Chambray Shirts
  • WORKSENSE Poly/Cotton Polo Shirts
  • WORKSENSE Cotton Drill Shirts
  • WORKSENSE Hi-Vis Cotton Drill Combination Overalls
  • WORKSENSE Hi-Vis Cotton Drill Shirts
  • WORKSENSE Hi-Vis Day/Night Polo Shirts
  • WORKSENSE Hi-Vis Combination Overalls
  • WORKSENSE Mini Twill Shirts
  • HARD YAKKA Hi-Vis Cotton Drill Shirts
  • HARD YAKKA Cotton Drill Coveralls
  • HARD YAKKA Koolgear Cotton Drill Shirts
  • HARD YAKKA Cotton Drill Cargo Shorts
  • HARD YAKKA Cargo Pants
  • OUTDOOR WORLD Hi-Vis Safety Overalls
  • OUTDOOR WORLD Hi-Vis Combination Safety Overalls
  • OUTDOOR WORLD Trousers
  • FRONTIER Cool Vis Micromesh Polo Shirts
  • FRONTIER Polo Shirts
  • FRONTIER Day/Night Micromesh Polo Shirts
  • BIZ COLLECTION Poly/Cotton Shirts
  • BIZ COLLECTION Cotton Trousers
  • KING GEE Steel Tuff Cotton Drill Trousers
  • PVC Rain Trousers

4WD & Towing

4WD & Towing
  • 4WD Nylon Strap, MBS 16,000kg, 100mm x 6Mtrs
  • Polyester Towing  Strap, 9M x 75mm, MBS6,000kg
  • Polyester Towing Strap, 6M x 100mm, MBS10,000kg
  • 4WD Off Road Block MBS 8000kg.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools
  • JETECH 25pc 1/2ins Dr. Metric Socket Set
  • JETECH 32pc 3/8ins Dr. Metric Socket Set
  • JETECH 39pc 1/4ins Dr. Metric Socket & Hex Set
  • JETECH 18pc 1/2ins Dr. Metric Torque Bit Socket Set
  • JETECH 8pc Geared Combo Spanner Set
  • JETECH 12pc Geared Combo Spanner Set
  • JETECH 8pc T-Wrench Hex Key Set
  • JETECH 4pc Combination Gear Spanner Set
  • JETECH 4pc Insulated Plier Set
  • JETECH T-Handle Tyre Repair Kits
  • JETECH 8pc Flexible Head Gear Combination Spanner Set
  • JETECH 6pc T-Type Hex Key Set
  • JETECH 14pc Gear Wrench Set
  • BERENT 12pc Combination Spanner Set
  • BERENT Set Of Number & Letter Punches
  • BERENT Professional 5pc Tweezer Sets
  • BERENT 8pc Double Ring Wrench Set
  • BERENT 12pc Chisel & Pin Punch Set
  • BERENT 6pc Mini Plier Set
  • BERENT Impact Screwdriver With 13 Bits
  • TRADES PRO 7pc Metric Stubby Ring & Open End Spanner Set
  • TRADES PRO 6pc Tune Up Kit
  • AmPro 2pc Quick Release Box Joint Plier Set
  • AmPro 13pc 1/4ins Dr. 6pt Deep Set Of Socket
  • POWERBUILT 12pc Damaged Screw Remover Set
  • GRIP 105pc Engraver & Grinding Accessory Kit
  • TOPCRAFT 204pc Drill Set
  • Builders Pencil Sets With Sharpener
  • 141pcs O Ring & Washer Set
  • 13pc Titanium Plate Drill Bit Set
  • Large Quality Hand Tools, Comprising; Ratchet Podger Spanners, Digital Display Measuring Wheel, Hammers, Wrenches, Set Of Socket, Stud Scanners, Digital Multi-Meter, Crimping Tools,  Scrappers, Cable Cutter, Head Shearers,  Etc….

Auto Accessories & Workshop Equipment

Auto Accessories & Workshop Equipment
  • Power Inverters
  • Aluminium Folding Work Platform
  • Revolving Warning Light With Magnetic Base
  • Minibar Rotating Strobe Warning Light
  • CAMEL Twin Cylinder Heavy Duty
  • POWERBUILT 36LED Rechargeable Work Light
  • WET & DRY Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 30L
  • Movers Dolly 450kg Capacity
  • Portable 45LED Work Light
  • 120pc Mini Auto Fuse Set
  • AmPro 6-LED Flashlight With Magnetic Pickup
  • BERENT Manual Drum Pump
  • POWERBUILT Metal Work Trolley
  • Portable 5 Gal. Parts Washer With Power Switch
  • Portable Fluorescent Work Light 27W
  • Twin Head LED Work Light
  • ALLTRADE Hurrican Pneumatic Foot Pump
  • Booster Cables
  • PVC Air Hose
  • GRIP 4pc Magnetic Tool Tray Set
  • 7LED Head Lamps With Adjustable Strap
  • FORRESTER On/Off Magnetic Square Welding Positioner
  • Metal Folding Wheel Chocks
  • Rechargeable Torch/Spot Light
  • LED 10W Flood Light With Sensor
  • Arrow 75-lb Magnetic Welding Holder
  • Large Range Of Assortments Including Roll Pins, Hitch Pin, Wing Nut Assortment, Rivet, Internal Snap Ring, Lock Washer, Lock & Flat Washer, Zinc SAE Nut & Bolt, Copper Washer, Snap Ring, Rubber Grommet, Universal Clevis Pin,  E-Clip, SAE & METRIC Grease Fitting, Wire Terminals, Cable Ties, Hose Clamp, Fibre Washer, Hex Head Screw, O-Ring, Zinc Metric Nut & Bolt etc…..

Safety Products

Safety Products
  • TRAFALGAR Level 1 First Aid Kit In Carry Case
  • LIVINGSTONE Auto First Aid Kit In PVC Case
  • 3M Corded Soft Foam Earplugs
  • TRAFALGAR Fire Blanket
  • SPERIAN P2D Valved Disposable Respirators
  • TUFFGUARD Hard Hats With Side Vent
  • PROBAN Spray Hoods
  • FRONTIER 3pc Disposable Dust/Mist Valved Respirators, P2V
  • Fishing First Aid Kit
  • TRAFALGAR  22pc Mini First Aid Kit

Safety Boots

Safety Boots
  • MACK Lace-Up Safety Boots
  • MACK Elastic Sided Safety Boots
  • MACK Street Shoes
  • MACK Suede/Nylon Street Shoes
  • MACK Street Shoes
  • INYATI Safety Gum Boots
  • INYATI Non-Safety Gum Boots
  • WORKSENSE Over Boot Protectors
  • OUTDOOR Socks

Hand Protection

Hand Protection
  • Pig Skin & Cowhide Riggers Gloves
  • Golden Eagle Deer Skin Riggers Gloves
  • RED BACK Rubber Latex Gloves
  • SAMURAI Nylon/Spandex With Bi-Polymer Coating Gloves
  • P/U Coated Light Weight Nylon Gloves
  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • NINJA Dyneema Gloves
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves
  • Golden Eagle Deer Skin Riggers Gloves
  • ATLAS Rubber Coating Seamless Knitted Liner Gloves
  • Cow Spilt Leather Gloves
  • ANSELL Hyflex Knitted & Palm Coated Gloves
  • Latex Coated Gloves
  • Light Weight Nitrile Coated Gloves
  • Leather Palm Work Gloves
  • Welders Chrome Leather Gloves
  • Polka Dot Cotton Gloves
  • Acrylic Gloves

Fibre Rope

Fibre Rope
  • Hanks Of 30M x 3.2mm Dia. P/P Multifilament Twisted Rope
  • Coil x Sisal Fibre Rope, 6mm Dia

Wire Rope

Wire Rope
  • Reel 100M x 4mm Galvanized Wire Rope, 6x7 Construction
  • Reel 100M x 2.4mm Galvanized Wire Rope, 6x7 Construction

Eye Protection

Eye Protection
  • Over 200 Pairs MSA, WORKSENSE, UVEX, CREW & UNISAFE Quality Safety Glasses In Clear & Tinted Lenses, Many Styles

Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment
  • SANTEC Fibreglass Fishing Rod, 1.65M
  • ESCAPE Multi-Blade Fishing Knife Set
  • Nylon Fishing Rod Bag
  • 300pc Tackle Box Kit
  • Fishing Reels
  • First Aid Fishing Kits


  • WET & DRY Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Geared Boat Hand Winch
  • Laminated Padlocks
  • Heavy Duty Folding Trunk Cart Organizer
  • Portable 12V Vacuum Cleaner
  • Outdoor Storage Box
  • Security Safe Box
  • Ladies Sandals & High Heels
  • MY MAISON Photo Frames
  • MY MAISON Serving Sets
  • Highlighters
  • Permanent Markers
  • Timber Wine Boxes

Sale Information

Sale Information

This Sale is GST Exclusive.

This Sale has a 15% Buyers Premium ie Successful Bid Price is $100 + 15% Buyers Premium = $115+ 10% GST Invoice Total = $126.50 + (delivery fee)

Images: Lots have pictures assigned to them. These should be taken as a guide only.

Payment: Your credit card will be debited on the day the auction is closed. To assist in the processing of payments please have funds available. Invoice totals exceeding $5000 will not be split and must be paid in full by direct deposit. Direct Deposit needs to be made within 2 working days of sale closure. Successful bidders will be contacted via email with our bank account details. Any payment enquiries, please email accounts@grays.com.au

Product Condition/Warranty

Please read individual product description for warranty and condition information.

Any product discrepancies must be notified to GraysOnline within 5 days of receipt of delivery. No responsibility will be taken by GraysOnline past this point.

Online Auction Closing

Online Auction Closing

Typically, auctions are over at their posted times. There are some exceptions to this, however, if there are any successful bids on a particular lot within 10 minutes of the close of the online auction (the “Going, Going, Gone! Period), it will be extended until there are no successful bids within the "Refresh Period".

There is no limit to the number of times an online auction can be extended. This makes graysonline work more like a live auction where the bidding doesn’t stop as long as there is still interest in the product, rather than assigning an arbitrary cut-off time. This means it is a good idea to watch the action as the auction nears closing time and to check back often.

Delivery Information

Delivery Terms and Conditions:

All freight prices quoted for this sale include packaging and handling.

All freight prices are charged from the originating warehouse to your delivery postcode and involve one delivery attempt by our nominated courier. A re-delivery charge of $20 will be payable by the purchaser if the carrier is unable to deliver on the first attempt. The re-delivery fee will be charged to the purchaser’s specified account by GraysOnline. By bidding in this auction you authorise GraysOnline to debit your nominated account if a redelivery is required.

No customer pickups are allowed from the warehouse unless specified in this Sale Overview or Freight Calculator due to Occupational Health and Safety reasons.

Delivery Time:

Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. You will receive an email notification with the delivery details as soon as the purchased goods leave our warehouse. We ask that you only contact the GraysOnline Customer Service Team with any delivery enquiries after the 10 day delivery period has expired.

It is important that you make sure that your delivery address is correct before the auction closes because we are unable to change your delivery address details once the Sale has closed.

Goods will be delivered to the address specified by the purchaser between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Please ensure that your business hours delivery address is entered into your account details.

Freight Charge Consolidation:

GraysOnline offers freight charge consolidation discounts on certain items from within the same sale for multiple purchases. If a freight charge consolidation discount is available for the item you are bidding on then this will displayed in the Freight Calculator.

Unfortunately Graysonline offers no freight charge discounts on purchases of wine and large palletized items. The freight charge for these items will be on a per item basis as indicated in the Freight Calculator.

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