Arts Access SA, A-Frame 09 Exhibition & Online Auction

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Arts Access SA, A-Frame 09 Exhibition & Online Auction
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The Arts Access SA, A-Frame Exhibition & On-line is a program of selected artworks submitted to Arts Access SA by people with a disability. The A-Frame is the leading demonstration of Disability and Outsider Arts in SA

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Catalogue and Bidding available from 09/10/2009 6.00 PM AEDT

Artwork Preview

Visit Arts Access SA on for a preview on the artwork

About Arts Access SA

Arts Access SA ( is a key service organisation working with people with disability and disadvantage in the arts, culture, entertainment and media in South Australia.

Arts Access SA vision is for full participation in arts and cultural life for all South Australians and works to create opportunities for participation, employment, income generation and leadership for people with a disability in South Australia’s arts and cultural life.

Arts Access SA receive only limited project grants from state government and therefore relies on corporate and community support to continue its work.

About A-Frame

A-Frame Art Exhibition & Auction is an annual exhibition and competition for all South Australian artists with a disability.

40 works selected by a panel of leading South Australian artists with expertise in “Outsider Art” and the visual arts sector.

The 40 works presented are on exhibition at the Arts Access SA, Creative Space 106 Currie Street, Adelaide.

Guardian Insurance Brokers supports Arts Access SA and the A-Frame for a second year and acknowledge this strong corporate social relationship.

2009 will be the first Online Auction and we thank GraysOnline for their support.

About Outsider Art

Excepts from 2008 Arts Access Fringe 08, Opening Speech by Paul Hoban (Uni of SA, School of Art) March 2008

“The word ‘Outsider’ suggests something outside of a boundary -a boundary that defines what is inside and what is not. In reality, I do not believe that art has such boundaries. The margin, in fact, is a reservoir that ‘mainstream’ art has drawn on for inspiration - to re-invent, to redefine and challenge itself… and even to contradict.

‘Outsider Art’ has become a generic term - incorporating not only artists with mental, intellectual or physical disabilities, but also embracing folk artists, ‘intuitives’, naïve and other visionary artists - across cultures. Outsider art is certainly not peripheral. It is genuinely multicultural.

Invariably, the most important artists are those whose work consciously or innocently challenges the rules. It seems to me, that many artists who are now admired for their originality were considered Outsiders in their time.

The most well known example is Van Gogh - a difficult, abject and lonely artist, rejected even by his peers… In his lifetime he never sold a single painting. Even his contemporary Cezanne, whose paintings challenged painting conventions and inspired Cubism, considered Van Gogh’s work to be the product of ‘a madman’… Today, a single Van Gogh painting can sell for a hundred million dollars!

Today, Outsider art is taken very seriously around the world. It is big business. Specialist galleries and museums are popping up everywhere - France and Germany, Holland, Belgium, Japan, Britain, US and Canada to name a few.

Works from Lausanne’s Art Brut and Heidelberg’s Prinzhorn Collections are constantly touring the world… In January, New York hosted its 16th International Outsider Art Fair, the European Outsider Art Fair will commence in Vienna in May. Why not an International Outsider Art Fair in Australia?... in Adelaide? These art fairs are now seen as major events in the International Art Calendar.

I encourage everyone to start collecting now!”

Asset Collection


Pick Up Location: 106 Currie Street Adelaide 5000 SA.

Pick up dates: 21st - 28th October between 10am and 5pm (weekends excluded).

To collect your purchases please attend the collection address during the times advised with a copy of your invoice payment record and photo ID.

If you intend to send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, you need to send them with a copy of your invoice payment record along with a signed note of authority permitting the release your purchases to the third party. Please note that GraysOnline and Arts Access SA are not responsible for any damages or loss sustained by third party.

Please Note:

Pick up can only be made once cleared funds are received. Purchasers cannot pick up until full invoice is paid. Goods can only be released with the correct information being supplied which includes Sale number, Lot number/s and Buyer’s Name.

Any items remaining uncollected after the nominated collection times will be deemed abandoned and/or may incur a daily storage fee of $50 per day and/or removal fee.

Collection of assets is the responsibility of the purchaser. If you are unsure, do not bid as no refunds will be given.

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