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GraysOnline have gathered together a stunning selection of Rosé wines for you to buy online. An ideal summer drink, but perfect at any time of the year, the style of Rosé wine ranges from sweet, medium-sweet to bone dry.

The versatility of Rosé is its standout feature - it can be paired with a wide variety of foods and flavours and handles spices and heat very well.A great beverage for a picnic, Rosé wine can accompany everything from seafood, ham, chicken, salads to barbecued and roasted meats. Rosé usually has a delicate flavour and a balance of sweetness and acidity that make it a refreshing palate-cleansing drink. Enjoyed at a chilled temperature and ranging in colour from a subtle blush to vibrant hot pink, Rosé wine is a wonderful alternative to a red or white.

As with all of our wines, GraysOnline guarantees that you'll love your Rosé wine selection. If you're not happy with your purchase, for any reason, we'll refund your money - that's our money back promise*.

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Romantic Rose & Sparkling Sale ~ Closes 5.20 pm

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423636
 Australia Wide Delivery 

7h 1m

02/10/2014 5.20 PM AEST


International Wine Sale ~ Closes 6.20 pm

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423653
 Australia Wide Delivery 

8h 1m

02/10/2014 6.20 PM AEST


White Varietals Sale ~ Closes 7.20 pm

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423644
 Australia Wide Delivery 

9h 1m

02/10/2014 7.20 PM AEST


Wonderful West Australian Wine Auction

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423489
 Australia Wide Delivery 

9h 41m

02/10/2014 8.00 PM AEST


Huge New Zealand Wine Auction

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423483
 Australia Wide Delivery 

10h 41m

02/10/2014 9.00 PM AEST


Superb South Australian Wine Auction

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423486
 Australia Wide Delivery 

11h 41m

02/10/2014 10.00 PM AEST


Internationally Acclaimed Pirramimma ~ Some of McLaren Vale’s Best Are Ripe for the Picking

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423650
 Australia Wide Delivery 

13h 36m

02/10/2014 11.55 PM AEST


Extravagant Europeans ~ Featuring Mouton-Rothschild 2004

Online Delivery | Sale No: 2423445
 Australia Wide Delivery 

5d 10h 41m

07/10/2014 9.00 PM AEDT

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