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2011 Manitou M50-4 5T 3.7m Rough Terrain Forklift (Location: Kalgoorlie)


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Closed: 17/10/2019 5.00 PM AEDT

  • Condition: Used
  • Buyers premium 7.50%
  • GST: Exclusive
    (see below note)
  • Deliver to: Pickup Only WA
  • Location: Various Locations, WA
  • Support: Caralin Petersen or (m) 0438 087 220


2011 Manitou M50-4 5T 3.7m Diesel Rough Terrain Forklift

  • Make: Manitou
  • Model: M50-4
  • Serial: 593471
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Hours: Approx 3971
  • Max Lifting Capacity: 5.0T
  • Max Lighting Height: 3.7m
  • Unit Starts and Runs
  • Indicators and Tail Lights not operational
  • Right mirror Cracked
  • Fleet Number: FLR5005
  • Location: 80 Great Eastern Hwy, Kalgoorlie WA 6430 (SN:593471) (908422-12)

GST Note: GST will be added to the final bid price of this item. GST will be added to the buyers premium.

Credit Card / PayPal surcharge fee may apply. See User Agreement




GraysOnline advises all buyers that all plant offered for sale at auction may not be fit for use in a workplace. It is the buyers/owners responsibility to ensure that an operational risk assessment is undertaken, prior to use, and the plant be brought to a condition which complies with relevant State Legislation, Regulations and applicable Codes of Practice. GraysOnline will provide:

  • Safety information relating to the condition of the item of plant for sale (Plant Hazard Reports)
  • Clear identification and marking to identify that the plant item is only suitable for scrap or spare parts
  • Site Access, PPE and Removal of Plant requirements are listed under the Inspection and Collection Headings.

Please note:

  • Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times when inspecting or collecting goods.
  • Persons under the age of 16 years will not be permitted onsite.
  • Tradespeople eg; electricians, plumbers etc will be required to produce the relevant licence before commencing work on site.
  • Riggers, Forklift and Crane Drivers etc will be required to produce the relevant license before commencing work on site.
  • It is a condition of entry to site that all visitors comply with any directions given by GraysOnline staff or their representatives.
  • Work carried out on this site must be completed in a manner compliant with all Occupational Health & Safety legislation.
  • All power tools and equipment used on site must be tested (tagged) safe for use in accordance with AS3760 service testing and inspection of electrical equipment.
  • GraysOnline or their representatives will specify, based on the hazards present on the site, the mandatory personal protective equipment required to be worn prior to approval being given for entry to the site. (eg; safety footwear, safety eyewear, hard hats etc).
  • The use of certified equipment, harnesses, work platforms etc will be required for any work carried out above 1.8 metres.

Safe Work Method Statement

Note: Dismantling/Decommissioning of some assets in this sale may require a satisfactory Safe Work Method Statement prior to any work taking place onsite.

Please see example Safe Work Method Statement below:


Non-Prescribed Electrical Equipment

Non-Prescribed Electrical Equipment

The DIY signage attached is in relation to non-prescribed electrical equipment purchased, of which electrical work is required under the WA Electrical (Licensing) Regulations 1991 to be performed by a licensed electrical contractor or licensed electrical worker.


  • fixed-wired electrical equipment, such as air conditioners, stoves, ovens, electric hot water systems, ceiling fans, light fittings
  • electrical accessories, such as socket outlets, light switches, electrical cable, wall switches, plugs and cord extension sockets
  • electrical parts, such as electrical motors, switches, solenoids, elements

Electrical Power Tools & Equipment

if you have not purchased electrical tools and equipment in this auction disregard this notice.

Electrical Power Tools and Equipment (Inc. electrical leads)

The electrical articles in this auction have not been proved to be electrically safe. The electrical articles have not been tested by a qualified electrical worker and have not been proved to be

electrically safe. General advice on how to use second-hand electrical power tools and equipment (including electrical leads) safely. General safe use advice for electrical power tools and equipment etc. intended for use with rated voltage of not more than 250V for single phase appliances and 480V for other appliances. This advice is not intended to replace specific manufacturer's information but can be used as a general guide. This advice does not cater for young children or people who are physically weak.

You are urged to:

  • Use the power tool only for its intended purpose.
  • If the power tool is for indoor use only, do not use outdoors.
  • Do not immerse the power tool in water unless it is designed for this purpose.
  • Keep hands, fingers, feet, toes and hair away from dangerous moving parts, cutting blades and the like.
  • Do not use electrical power tools in the rain.
  • Make sure you have dry hands when operating an electrical power tool.
  • Do not use a damaged power tool.
  • A power tool may not be intended for use by children or people with an illness or disability without supervision.
  • Young children should not be allowed to play with the power tool.
  • Some power tools require special precautions for installation or user maintenance or both.
  • The plug must be removed from the socket-outlet before any cleaning or maintenance is done.
  • Do not place cord extension sockets or portable power outlet boards where they may be splashed or where moisture may get in.
  • Ensure ventilation holes or outlets are not blocked or partially obstructed.
  • If a fixed power tool does not have a supply cord and plug or other means for disconnection from the supply, a means for disconnection must be incorporated into the fixed wiring according to the Wiring Rules.
  • If the supply cord or plug is damaged, the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person must replace the cord to prevent an accident.
  • Power tools with specially prepared cords must be replaced by a special cord or assembly available from the manufacturer or its service agent.
  • Other power tools that have a supply cord that cannot be replaced, should be scrapped.
  • The power tool should be maintained in order to ensure a long, useful life and to protect the operator against electric shock or mechanical mishaps.
  • A safety switch can enhance electrical safety when using electrical power tools.


  • What is Autobid?
  • What is 'Going, Going, Gone'?
  • What is Buyer's Premium?
  • What if I change my mind?
  • How do I cancel my bid?
  • Can I inspect items before bidding on them?

For answers to these questions and more, please visit SHOPPING WITH GRAYS

Assets Road Registration

Please Note: All assets are sold unregistered without plates


  • 2 x JCB 8030ZTS 3.2t
  • 1 x JCB 8085ZTS 8.0t
  • 1 x JCB JS130LC 13.0t
  • 2 x JCB JS290LC 30.0t


  • 2 x TCM FD-25t-3 2.5t 3.0m Diesel
  • 2 x TCM 2.5t 3.0m Diesel
  • 1 x TCM FD30T3 3.0t 3.0m Diesel
  • 1 x Caterpillar DP30N 3.0t 3.0m Diesel
  • 1 x Mast Explorer H30DSI 3.0t 3.3m Diesel Rough Terrain
  • 1 x 2 x TCM 4.0t 3.0m Diesel
  • 1 x Hyster 5.0t 3.0m Diesel
  • 1 x Manitou M50-4 5.0t 3.7m Diesel Rough Terrain


  • 2 x Manitou MT732 3.2t (6.9m) Diesel

Skid Steer Loaders

  • 1 x Bobcat S70 318kg Diesel
  • 1 x Bobcat S160 727kg (1600lbs) Diesel
  • 2 x Bobcat S185 840kg (1850lbs) Diesel
  • 1 x 840kg (1850lbs) Diesel
  • 1 x Bobcat S205SJC 930kg (2050lbs) Diesel

Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts
  • 1 x Genie GS2032 20ft (6.1m) Electric - Narrow
  • 6 x Genie GS2046 20ft (6.1m) Electric - Wide

Material Lift

Material Lift
  • 1 x Genie 18ft (5.4m)

Track Loaders

  • 2 x JCB 150T 601kg to 700kg Diesel
  • 1 x 601kg to 700kg Diesel

Compact Loader

  • 1 x Kanga KL520 Diesel

Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger
  • 1 x Digga DY272DU 1 Man Diesel

Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader
  • 1 x Caterpillar 950H 18.3t


  • 1 x Ammann AP240T3 Multi Tyre 24.0t
  • 1 x Dynapac CA6000D Smooth Single Drum 19.0t

Lighting Tower

  • 1 x Briteforce LS6K 6,000w


  • 1 x Bradley Const 1,500kg
  • 2 x T.Pelicano Trailers 1,500kg
  • 1 x JMS 8 x 5 Heavy Duty
  • 3 x Loadstar 8 x 5 Heavy Duty
  • 1 x Southwest 8 x 5 Tandem Axle Heavy Duty
  • 1 x JMS 1,250lt Diesel Fuel


  • 1 x Robin D56EHMS Diesel 5.0kva
  • 3 x Denyo DA6000SS Diesel 6.0kva
  • 1 x Subaru R1700I Petrol 1.0kva


  • 1 x West Air 16cfm Petrol
  • 2 x Airman PDS265SC 260cfm Diesel
  • 2 x Allight CD150 Pump Prime 150mm Skid Mounted Diesel

Concrete Vibrators

  • 1 x Wacker PIR55 55mm Air Concrete Vibrator
  • 2 x Wacker IRFU57 57mm Flexdrive Concrete Vibrators
  • 1 x Wacker FWP57/6 57mm Flexdrive Concrete Vibrator


  • 7 x Shindaiwa DGW400DM 400amp Diesel Dual


  • 17 x GCS Portables - Regular


  • 1 x Eneraque 66RT Pump Self Priming 150mm Trailer Mounted Diesel
  • 1 x Davey D15E Pump Submersible 40mm Electric Single Phase
  • 1 x ABG QD69J Auto Pump Submersible 50mm Electric Single Phase
  • 1 x Tsurumi Pump Submersible 50mm Electric Single Phase
  • 2 x Robin Pumps Submersible Flexdrive 50mm
  • 1 x Robin DY42DHSE Pump Transfer 100mm Diesel
  • 2 x 150mm Pump Stand Pipes
  • 1 x 200mm Pump Stand Pipe

Drive Units

  • 1 x Wacker Diesel Drive Unit
  • 1 x Wacker YD3.5 Diesel Drive Unit
  • 1 x Crommelins DU53D Diesel Drive Unit
  • 1 x Silvan 1,000ltr Fire Fighting Unit


  • 2 x Petro Industrial Fuel Tanks 1,000ltr
  • 1 x Transtank Fuel Tank 1,000ltr
  • 1 x Petro Industrial Fuel Tank 14,000ltr
  • 2 x Holding Tanks 6,000ltr

Plate Compactors

Plate Compactors
  • 3 x Wacker DPU6555 502kg Diesel Reversible Plate
  • 1 x Wacker DPU100-70 742kg Diesel Reversible Plate
  • 2 x Wacker 77kg Petrol Single Direction
  • 1 x Wacker 90kg Diesel Single Direction
  • 1 x Wacker 98kg Diesel Reversible Plate

Plus More

Plus More
  • 1 x Atlas Copco TEX190 Air Breaker
  • 1 x Blow Pipe
  • 1 x Allied 2.5t Pallet Truck
  • 1 x Pramac Power Changeover Switch Manual 400amp
  • 1 x Spinefex LG83S Power Changeover Switch Manual 400amp
  • 1 x ThoroughClean 15M-43H Pressure Wash 3,500psi Electric Hot 3 Phase
  • 1 x Wacker BTS635S Demolition Quick Cut Saw 350mm
  • 1 x Wacker BTS635 Trolley to Suit Demolition Quick Cut Saw
  • 2 x Wacker DS70 83kg Diesel Vertical Rammers

Auction Conditions

This is an auction sale. All assets in this sale are sold on an “As Is - Where Is” basis.

Assets included in this sale may be used, therefore inspection is highly recommended prior to bidding. Photos and descriptions should be used as a guide only.

Delivery is not an option for this sale. The removal of goods purchased is the buyers responsibility.

Please take care when making a bid as once your bid is placed, it cannot be withdrawn and will not be cancelled. If you are unsure do not bid as no refunds will be given.

Motor Dealer Licence MD25136

GST & Buyers Premium

GST Exclusive & Inclusive Examples

A Buyers premium applies to all lots purchased in this auction. Please refer to the individual sale or lot descriptions for the applicable percentage.

GST Exclusive example:

  • Successful Bid Price is $109 + 20% Buyers Premium = $130.80 +10% GST = invoice total of $143.88
  • Successful Bid Price is $1509 + 16.5% Buyers Premium = $1757.99 + 10% GST = invoice total of $1933.79
  • Successful Bid Price is $7009 + 7.5% Buyers Premium = $7534.68 +10% GST= invoice total of $8288.15

GST Inclusive example:

  • Successful Bid Price (Inc GST) is $109 + 20% Buyers Premium = $130.80
  • Successful Bid Price (Inc GST) is $1509 + 16.5% Buyers Premium = $1757.99
  • Successful Bid Price (Inc GST) is $7009 + 7.5% Buyers Premium = $7534.68

Variable Buyers Premium:A Variable Buyers Premium may apply to this sale, a Variable Buyers Premium will automatically adjust as the bid price reaches the above examples.

The Buyer’s Premium will be added to your final bid price.

GST Refund for Exports

    To claim a GST refund for an asset that has been exported, you must:
  • Notify us of your intent to export within five (5) days of the Sale closing date
  • Pay your invoice in full (including any GST)
  • If the asset is ex-military, obtain a Dept of Defence Export Authorisation Permit and complete a Customs Export Declaration form prior to export. See Military Exports
  • Supply proof of export of the asset within 60 days of the invoice payment date. Acceptable documents are a Bill of Lading, Sea Waybill or Air Waybill
  • Please note that refund of GST on Buyers Premium (a service) is only available to overseas buyers


We accept the following methods of Payment:


  • Accepted only when deposited at an ANZ Branch
  • Please ensure you state your invoice number within the payment reference
  • (We do not accept cash at any GraysOnline or Vendor premises)
Credit Card
  • 1% surcharge applies to Mastercard & VISA transactions
  • 1.5% surcharge applies to American Express transactions
  • No other cards are accepted
  • Invoices totalling less than $5000 will be automatically debited from the card nominated within your account
  • Invoices totalling in excess of $5000 can be paid in-person at any GraysOnline office
  • Only accepted for invoices totalling less than $5000 where elected as your preferred payment method within your account
EFT (Direct Deposit)
  • For invoices totalling in excess of $5000. Payment must be made in full within two business days of the auction closing.
  • Please ensure you state your invoice number within the payment reference. As EFT transfers can take up to 2 business days to clear, please contact GraysOnline prior to collecting your purchase to confirm receipt of clear funds
Bank Cheque
  • Accepted for invoices totalling in excess of $5000
  • It is preferred that Bank Cheques are deposited at an ANZ Branch
  • Bank cheque transfers can take up to 3 business days, please contact GraysOnline prior to collecting your purchase to confirm receipt of clear funds

Payment Enquiries

For payment enquiries, please call 1300 362 536 or email:

For Invoices Under $5,000 accounts@grays.com.au

For Invoices Over $5,000 collections@grays.com.au

What is Product Condition?

The Condition of each product is stated on its Lot Page, and we strongly urge you to familiarise yourself with the Condition before bidding. This is because GraysOnline sells a wide range of products in a variety of Conditions on behalf of our Vendors.

It's important that you read the Lot Description for possible additional information on the Condition of the product including any applicable warranty details. You should take the Condition and the Lot Description into account when you place your bid as we do not offer refunds if you change your mind about your purchase.

Information regarding Product Conditions can be found by clicking here Shopping With Grays

Online Auction Closing "Going, Going, Gone!"

  • Typically, auctions end at their posted closing time. There are some exceptions to this however, if there are any bids placed on a particular lot within 10 minutes of the auction closing time (the "Going, Going, Gone!" period). It will be extended until there are no more bids placed within ten minutes of the last successful bid.
  • There is no limit to the number of times an online auction can be extended. This makes GraysOnline work more like a live auction where the bidding does not stop as long as there is still interest in the product, rather than assigning an arbitrary cut-off time. To ensure that you do not get outbid make sure you monitor the auction until you have won the item or enter an "AUTOBID" that you think will win!

Terms & Conditions of Sale


By registering and bidding you have agreed to our terms and conditions of sale. All bidding is subject to the online "Users Agreement".

The terms and conditions of the online auctions may change from time to time. Please ensure you clearly read the special terms and conditions contained in this page and also in the users agreement. Continuing to use the online auction service following amendments to these terms & conditions will constitute your acceptance of the new terms & conditions applying to this service.

Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking here Terms & Conditions

Buyers Please Note:

  • Please take care when making a bid as once your bid is placed, it cannot be withdrawn and will not be cancelled. If you are unsure do not bid as no refunds will be given.
  • By registering and bidding, you have agreed to GraysOnline terms and conditions of sale. If necessary please familiarise yourself with them prior to bidding on any items in this auction.
  • The terms and conditions of the online auctions may change from time to time. Please ensure you clearly read the special terms and conditions contained in this page and also in the bidders agreement. Continuing to use the online auction service following amendments to these terms & conditions will constitute your acceptance of the new terms & conditions applying to this service.
  • GraysOnline guarantee that all plant and equipment including earthmoving assets/transport assets/vehicles/boats/motorbikes in this sale are sold with clear title. Bidders may find when they do perform a PPSR check (highly recommended) in many cases the assets do have an encumbrance. Once the asset is sold at auction and monies are cleared in our account, please allow up to 14 days for clear title.
  • GraysOnline staff are onsite for security purpose only, please make sure you have people to help you load your purchases and provide suitable transport.
  • Collection can only take place once cleared funds have been received.

Inspection & Collection

Location: Various Locations in WA (Refer to Lot Description)

Inspection: 9.00am - 3:00pm Wednesday 16th October 2019

Collection: 9:00am - 3:00pm Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Collection Notes:

  • Any items remaining uncollected after the specified timeframe will incur a storage fee or may be deemed abandoned and disposed of.
  • Goods will only be released with the correct buyer details being provided (full buyer name, sale number, Lot number and I.D.).
  • Asset packaging and removal are the purchasers responsibility in the time frame specified for this sale.
  • Please be aware during busy periods an extensive wait time should be expected.

Third Party Collection

If you wish to send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, they will need:

  • A copy of your Winner's Email
  • A scanned copy of your photo ID
  • A letter signed by you authorising them to collect the goods on your behalf (Please refer below Letter of Authorisation template)
  • They will also be required to produce identification and sign for the goods on behalf of buyers acting as the authorised agent.

Grays do not carry manual consignment notes nor complete them for third party carriers. Grays staff will not release the goods to anyone other than you unless they carry the appropriate authority. By appointing third party pick up you have given them the authority to sign off on the condition of the goods being picked up.

Please note: Grays are not responsible for the goods once they have been signed for. Any problems relating to the transportation of the goods will need to be taken up with the third party acting on your behalf.

Third Party Collection authorisation can be emailed to wawarehouse@grays.com.au


General Site Information

General Site Information

Please Note: Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times when inspecting or collecting goods.

  • Collection of the assets is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • GraysOnline - WILL NOT package your item or organise a courier / transport for the purchaser.

Site Access:

  • Persons under the age of 16 years will not be permitted on site unless accompanied and supervised on site.It is a condition of entry that all persons entering the site comply with any directions given by GraysOnline staff, their representatives or the site controller.
  • It is a condition of entry that all persons conduct themselves in a manner which does not endanger the health and safety of other persons on site, and which does not create a risk to health and safety.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
  • GraysOnline will specify, according to the hazards and risks assessed as present on the site, any mandatory PPE required to be worn prior gaining approval to entry to the site. This equipment may include Safety Footwear, Safety Eyewear, Hearing Protection, and Head Protection, or any other item of PPE deemed necessary.

Removal of Plant Information

  • GraysOnline will specify the site requirements for the safe removal of plant from the site. All work carried out on site will be performed in a manner compliant with the relevant State Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. All work undertaken on the site must be performed by suitably qualified and insured persons.
  • Licensing of Tradespersons - All tradespersons must possess the relevant licences to undertake plant disconnection and removal of plant activities. Copies of these licenses will be requested prior to the commencement of work and copies/license details will be retained by GraysOnline
  • Insurances - Copies of Insurances - PI/PL and Workers Compensation will be required to perform work on the site and copies will be retained by GraysOnline.
  • Agreement - before any work commences the contractor/tradesperson must sign and agree to adhere to GraysOnlines OHS work practices.
  • Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) - the contractor/tradesperson will be required to submit a completed SWMS
  • Work at Heights - All work above 2.0 metres will require the use of certified equipment. This equipment may include safety harnesses and work platforms. All equipment used will be in within the safe test date requirement for such equipment. All work at heights risks will controlled
  • Electrical Equipment- All equipment brought onto site must be considered safe and fit for use and be tested and tagged as required by AS/NZS 3760:2003: In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.
  • Electrical Disconnection of Plant - All disconnection of hard wired plant must be performed by a licensed tradesperson
  • Disconnection of Water - All disconnection of water services must be performed by a licensed tradesperson
  • Disconnection of Gas - All disconnection of gas services must be performed by a licensed tradesperson
  • Disconnection of Refrigerant Lines and Removal of Refrigerant Gases - All disconnection of refrigerant lines and removal of gases must be performed by persons possessing a current Refrigerant Handling Licence and have the required authorisations to store/sell refrigerant gases
  • Compressed Air - Compressed air must only be used for the purpose for which it is installed. Under no circumstances should compressed air be used for cleaning yourself down or other people; and never direct high pressure compressed air at other people. In addition to the risk of disturbed material getting into the eyes there is the possibility that air may be injected into the blood stream which can ultimately lead to death. The appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn when working with compressed air.
  • Residual Waste – For assets that are deemed too risky to remove/relocate without the disposal of internal residual waste (including hydraulic/black water/by product/hazardous waste), a licensed waste disposal contractor is required to decontaminate the assets prior to removal or transport.

Surplus to Equipment to Sell?

For an obligation free appraisal and quote or to learn more about selling at Grays, please visit SELL AT GRAYS

Why GraysOnline?

Why GraysOnline?
  • 2M+ Registered Users
  • 1M+ Unique Visitors Per Month
  • National Marketplace
  • 24 Hour Bidding

Bidding History

Bidding Details Bid Time Bid Price Bid Qty Win Qty
W.A - Malaga WA13/10/2019 10.24.56 PM AEDTAU $37,409 11
J.M - Shepparton VIC13/10/2019 9.08.30 PM AEDTAU $37,309 10
P.S - Strathfield NSW13/10/2019 8.36.13 AM AEDTAU $10,409 10
t.t - kalgoorlie WA12/10/2019 11.14.56 PM AEDTAU $10,009 10
A.D - Toolern Vale VIC12/10/2019 10.38.54 PM AEDTAU $5,009 10
H.Z - Parramatta NSW12/10/2019 7.37.45 PM AEDTAU $4,509 10
A.B - Darlington NSW12/10/2019 1.38.21 PM AEDTAU $4,409 10
D.S - CANNING VALE WA12/10/2019 11.57.50 AM AEDTAU $2,509 10
N.D - Fairfield QLD12/10/2019 9.23.14 AM AEDTAU $2,409 10
G.C - Kilaben Bay NSW12/10/2019 8.13.29 AM AEDTAU $2,009 10
j.s - borden WA12/10/2019 12.48.27 AM AEDTAU $309 10
T.P - mardella WA11/10/2019 10.14.26 PM AEDTAU $209 10
N.R - RAMSGATE NSW11/10/2019 9.26.29 PM AEDTAU $109 10
D.M - Bonner ACT11/10/2019 8.43.58 PM AEDTAU $9 10
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